My Egypt Tour to the city Cairo 01/03/2018

Cairo: A city of wonders

Well, Caro is a huge city however it is not so big for a frequent traveler like me. I would not say Cairo is full of tourist attractions however it is a must-visit destination on your Egypt Tour. Since I went there to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza but once I finished my trip to the Pyramids I was excited to explore the other tourist hotspots in Cairo. Well, Cairo did not disappoint me as it offered me some amazing Mosques that I visited and loved. To be specific their names are Al Azhar Mosque and Mosque Al-Hakim. Then to make my Egypt Tour a bit more exciting I visited the Khan El Khalili market and it was an amazing shopping experience. Now what I loved over there was the ancient Egyptian antiques and hand-woven textiles.

An Egyptian museum is also an elite place that should not be missed in your Tour to Egypt. The Egypt Museum is a home to around 100,000 ancient Egyptian antiques, which also includes the magnificent treasures of King Tutankhamen.