Excursions from Sharm El Sheikh to Petra Visit | Petra Tour 07/09/2018

Petra city, the capital of Nabataean located at the south of Jordan is one of the most magnificent ancient city in the world. The monumental temple like the structure of petra fly high over a hundred feet tall and these wonder of engineering are not constructed they are carved out of sandstone cliffs. Petra was the center of the vast trading network in frankincense and myrrh and home to over 30,000 people from 1st century BC. Later Petra was conquered by the Roman empire and continued to flourish until an earthquake brought in 363 AD and destroyed a major part of the city. For thousands of years, the location remained hidden and protected by cliffs. In 1812 a swish adventurer Johannes Burckhardt risk his life to search for this legendary city Petra which is also known as a rose-red city as all of its structure carved out of red rock and becomes the center of wide tourist attraction. Excursions from Sharm El Sheikh to Petra is popularised among Egyptians and traveller from the whole world.

Splendid excursions from Sharm El Sheikh in one day

Petra was declared as world heritage site on 6 December 1985 and also it was chosen by magazines for “places where you should visit before you die”.Researchers are still discovering new treasures of Petra which made it a center of attraction for the traveller as everybody wants to see this wonder of the world. The excursions from Sharm El Sheikh to Petra monuments through crooked roads works like magic on the minds of people.


  • Best pick-up facility from the hotel to Taba port

  • AC conditioned car to drive to Taba marina

  • Ride to Aqaba port by ferry boat where a representative will meet

  • A Representative will guide you through the whole journey to Petra.

  • Reach petra by completing your walk through narrow roads which were developed by a great split in the rock of sandstone known as Al Siq Canon.

  • Enjoy great treasures of Pharaoh which is a title given to monarch of ancient Egypt.

  • Next visit is to Roman theatre which was the advancement of Greek theatre.

  • After a tiring but a magnificent visit, our representative will take you to some great restaurants where you can have a meal as per your choice.

  • Before leaving this city we will make a final visit to Al Habis fort from where you can have a look of entire Petra as it stands behind Petra.

Excursion from Sharm El Sheikh to petra  includes

  • Air Conditioned vehicle facility

  • Ferry round tickets

  • Lunch at best restaurant

  • Guide with the required skills as per your need

  • Entrance tickets of all tourist places

  • Clean and bottled water

  • Required Visa facility

Excursion from Sharm El-Sheikh to petra excludes

  • Drinks other than mentioned in the itinerary

  • Other facilities not mentioned in the itinerary

Things you should carry with you

  • Original Passport-: Passport should be original as it will the proof of your identity.

  • Breakfast-: Take some breakfast with you to maintain your energy for this expedition.

  • A camera-: I don’t think I need to mention this why the camera is needed. You will explore the beauty on excursions from Sharm El Sheikh to Petra and camera will help in capturing a moment.

  • A hat or a cap-: Hat or cap will give you protection from sun rays.

  • Sunglasses-: Sunglasses will protect your eyes from sun rays and will give you look while taking photographs.

Comfortable shoes-: As this trip is more about walking and exploring the beauty of Petra it is necessary to wear comfortable shoes.