Egypt holidays for a solo female traveler 06/04/2018

If you are planning holidays for Egypt, please do not give a second thought as Egypt is going to challenge your perception towards Islamic countries. Egypt might have struggled through a series of unfortunate events like sexual harassment, political instability, bomb blasts etc but these events do not define the real Egypt. 

I visited Egypt to pursue my dream of exploring ancient monuments, structures, temples, and antiquities. The holidays in Egypt are full of adventures and endless opportunities. 

I visited Egypt and the journey was miles ahead of amazing. I also made a few unique observations about Egypt culture that will come handy for the females out there who are planning a solo holiday to Egypt. 

1: Egyptians are very friendly and they will always welcome you with a wide smile on their cute faces.

2: Always hire a driver using either uber or by asking your hotel authorities to do it for you. That is a lot safe and better. 

3: Your dress speaks a lot here, you cannot afford to wear short clothes that exposes a major part of your skin as it will always draw you some unwanted attention. So, it is always better to be fully covered and show respect to Egyptian culture. Do not forget keeping a scarf on while visiting mosques. 

4: If you are visiting at the time of Ramadan, avoid eating and drinking in public as it is considered to be offensive. 

5: It is always great making new friends but strictly say no and leave if you feel uncomfortable anywhere. 

6: Keep your hotel authorities phone number handy and contact them if you feel that you have lost your way or you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. 

These are the few points that should be kept in mind while visiting Egypt. Egypt is safe, amazing and lovely and the same goes true for Egyptians too :)