Ancient Pyramids to be visited in Vacation to Egypt 25/11/2017

Vacation to Egypt will take you to the Great Pyramids of Giza. The construction of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids has amazed people from ages. The question which has a mystery touch is who built the Ancient Egyptian pyramids? Why were they built? How were they built?  What was the purpose of the building them? What is inside the Ancient Egyptian pyramids? These are just some of the many questions which surround the Ancient Egyptian pyramids. 

The three ancient Pyramids are:

Khufu (Greek Cheops) 2589 - 2566 erected the Great Pyramid of Giza
Khafre aka Khafra, Shafra, Rakhaef, Chephren - 2558 - 2532
Menkaure aka Mycerinus, Mykerinos - 2532 - 2504

History of the Pyramids - When were the pyramids built and Who built the built the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids?

The Pyramid is a huge tomb-like structure which is made up of around 2.5 million stones. You will be amazed once you get close to it in your Vacation to Egypt. The stones are of different dimensions and will weight from 2.5 tons to 12 tons. Now, the question arises that how the stones could have transported to the place of construction. There is no place nearby to the tombs which could have acted as the source of stones for the pyramids. The pyramids would have built by making a parallel path for the transportation of the stones. The path would have made for the completion of pyramids and removed after the construction got completed. 

There is a clear indication in the ancient Egyptian History that the Pyramids were not made by slaves. So the pyramids construction was a voluntary act and all the workers worked there were volunteers. It is also said that the Pyramids were built by the peasants when they were having an offseason in agriculture. 

The Pyramids took around 20 years to get completed. Now in the absence of any modern technology and machines making a structure as huge as pyramids is an example of architectural magnificence and the amazing engineering techniques. This also gives us an indication that ancient Egyptians were great thinkers and believed in preserving the history for the generations to come. 

The Pyramids have the tombs of pharaohs inside which you can explore in the Vacation to Egypt. The ancient Egyptians used to believe in life after death and by constructing these pyramids they wanted to preserve the presence of their kings forever.