Why you must reserve Nile Cruise tour? 21/06/2017


Why you should book the Nile Cruise

  1. If you love adventure then reserve Nile Cruise tour at the earliest and do a safari behind the high dam in Lake Nasser amid the crocodiles.
  2. Booking Nile Cruise tour to enjoy a mud bath, the mud bath in summer depends on the silt coming from behind the high dam. Baths of the esophagus cannot imagine what to do in the body and the flesh. Aswan silt is better than Moroccan silt, dead sea salt, and the Black Sea mussels in Eastern Europe. The Aswan silt coming from behind the High Dam has no parallel in the world
  3.  When reserving Nile Cruise Tour You have the monuments and temples of Neil trips, culture, and heritage.
  4. If interested in studying civilizations, you must be booking Nile cruise tour, you will see the civilization of Pharaonic, Nubian, Islamic, Christian, and Roman in the same place.
  5. You can enjoy Nile cruise tour all the time in the year (winter or Summer).
  6. If fishing enthusiasts booking Nile Cruise tour can catch fish in Lake Nasser.
  7. Booking Nile Cruise Tour If bird watching enthusiasts in more than 30 birds of migratory birds can be seen between the islands and natural reserves in Aswan.
  8. Booking Nile Cruise Tour If love photography can aspire over Jabal Abu Al-Hawa and Taltalki landscape very much unique by virtue of the islands and Western Sahara and Nile.
  9. When booking Nile Cruise tour will visit Luxor and Aswan, Aswan, El Nobouh & Luxor where shopping and prices are not matched anywhere else in Egypt and the prices of clothes, hand products, antiques, perfumes, spices and herbs.
  10. If Booking Nile cruise tour in Summer You will have the opportunity to see the beauty of the Nile at the time of flood is high.
  11. When Booking Nile Cruise tour in Summer Dry air is very suitable for patients with asthma and chest.
  12. If you have rheumatism or arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis Booking Nile cruise Tour, The inevitable place in which therapeutic tourism by burial in the sand for the treatment of rheumatism and pain joints and bone is Aswan.
  13. If you want tats new food booking Nile Cruise Tour, eating in Nubia is delicious especially duck, bath, grilled chicken, kebabs, turkey meat and chicken fillet. The prices are cheap and the quantity is plentiful.
  14. In the winter temperature 25 degrees. when Book Nile Cruise tour you can escape the ice and cold.
  15. Nile Cruise tour is the best for your family holiday, honeymoon and for meditation too.