Places to visit on your Trip to Egypt 28/03/2018

A trip to Egypt is all about visiting the ancient wonders of the world.

Today I will tell you a few places and monuments that you cannot afford to miss on your trip to Egypt

1: The Great Pyramids and Sphinx - The Pyramids is one of the most beautiful and stunning structures ever built on the planet earth. Most of the tourists plan their trip to see this architectural masterpiece. The Pyramids are huge and you must click a lot of pictures with it. Do not forget to visit the Sphinx which is a huge lion structure with a human's head. 

2: Nile Cruise - The visit to Egypt is all about discovering the ancient monuments and exploring ancient history. Nile Cruise gives you a journey where you can visit a lot of cities and monuments in a single Nile Cruise journey. 

3: Khan El Khalili - If you are looking up for ancient Egyptian souvenirs, you are at the right place. You must know how to bargain if you want to crack a good deal here. 

4: The Citadel - This is a huge fort shaped in structure and it is from ancient Egypt. This castle is going to amaze you to the core with its architectural beauty. 

5: The Egyptian Museum - Do not forget to visit the grand Egyptian museum. The museum offers a huge variety of ancient artifacts and structures. This place holds immense significance in the ancient history. 

So, do not forget to visit these places on your trip to Egypt