Wonderful places to visit in Egypt Holidays 17/01/2018

These are some of the wonderful places to visit in Egypt Holidays.

1: Valley of Kings

This is the first place you should go to in your Egypt Holidays. This is the valley full of tombs that were constructed in the Kingdom of ancient Egypt for pharaohs, kings, and nobles. This place makes your holidays in Egypt successful. These were built for the period of  500 years. The valley is world famous for the historic tombs of pharaohs and chambers. The tomb of Tutankhamun is undoubtedly the center of attraction and Ramesses the Great hold an immense significance in Egypt mythology. It is an amazing valley which is also famous for the priceless treasures that were buried along with the pharoahs.

2: Temple of  Hatshepsut

This is the second best thing for your holidays in Egypt. This temple is a masterpiece of architectural magnificence. It is located at Deir el Bahari which is quite near to the Valley of the Kings. This temple is made in the name of Sun God and Amon-Ra. It was constructed around 1480 BC. This temple consists of three levels of pillared porticoes, the sculpture is beautiful, and landscape make it one of the grandest architectural masterpieces

3: Karnak Temple 

This temple comprised of temples, pylons, chapels, and structures.It is a magnificent and one of the most ancient religious site in the world which is around 3300 years old. The remarkable place in this temple is the Great Hypostyle Hall which covers an area of 5000 meters square.Temple of Karnak is located in Luxor and is one of  Egypt's most sacred place. In ancient Egypt, this place was a thing of beauty for the people. 

4: Mount Sinai

This is one of the sacred places on Earth as this is the same place where Moses got their ten commandments. St. Catherine’s Monastery is one of the famous pilgrimage places in Egypt. It has been the center of attraction for the pilgrimages all around the world for centuries. This is undoubtedly the largest ancient religious site in the world. 

5: Great Sphinx of Giza

Sphinx is a huge structure which consists of a head of a human and lion's body. The Great Sphinx is the national symbol of Egypt and also known as the guardian of the Great Pyramids. This structure inspires the poets and storytellers of the world as it holds immense mysteries within. The Sphinx is the greatest round sculpture creation ever made by the human being. This structure has been standing tall for thousands of years and it is a must visit in Egypt Holidays for you.