Top 4 places to visit in Egypt Tour Packages 27/12/2017

Egypt is a home to world's greatest and royal monuments. You can endure the beauty of ancient history along with the flavor of modern Western culture in Egypt. The only thing that is not good about Egypt Tour Packages is "NOTHING" :)

Here are the 4 top places you must visit in Egypt Tour Packages to make your journey elite and pleasant. 

1: The Pyramids- Pyramids are the greatest wonder of the world. They are built in a way that their establishment is a deep mystery. The beauty of pyramids is enticing and it will leave you stunned. It is the greatest monument ever built by humans. There are 3 pyramids from which the biggest pyramid is Khofu, the second biggest is Khafra and the smallest of them all is Menkaura. While visiting these amazing wonders do not forget to visit their guardian monument which is The Sphinx. 

2: Egyptian Museum- This is one of the biggest museums in the world. It is a grand collection of more than 100,000 ancient artifacts. You can see pieces of jewelry, bowls, toys and much more there but the ultimate point of attraction is the glittering treasures of King Tutankhamun.

3: Valley of Kings- Egyptians were having faith in the afterlife. They were quite concerned about how the world is going to be after their death. The kings made the valley of Kings to have an elite afterlife. This is a place for the tombs and all tombs are in a very good state of preservation. People have a craze of the tomb of King Tutankhamun. 

4: Philae Temples- These are one of the attractive places in Egypt Tour Packages. These temples are based in Aswan city. This is a spiritual place dedicated to Goddess Isis. This temple is built on an island so the boat is the only option to reach here. The journey is quite exciting and you keep on waiting for the temple. The place is beautiful and you might fall in love with this place.