Diving Into The History with Egypt Vacation Packages 23/07/2017

Egypt Vacation Packages will take you to the amazing Alexandria which is the most recent diving spot in Egypt. It now offers one of the most interesting diving experiences in the world. Unlike the Red Sea, Alexandria does not have beautiful coral reefs either colorful fishes. Diving in Alexandria is a dive into history. Whole cities, palaces, and boats are lying beneath the Alexandrian Shore and nobody knows the exact reason they sank in the first place. Although some of the important statues of queens and kings were extracted from underwater; some 7000 Monuments belonging to the Pharaonic and Roman dynasties are preserved underwater.

We offer you five diving spots in the Eastern Harbor of the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea City of Alexandria in your Egypt vacation packages.

(1) The first is called Qaitbay, Situated close to Qaitbay first at depth of 8 – 10 Meters. On Space of 150 X 150 Meters, Contains about 4000

archeological pieces dated to Pharaohs and Greco Roman times.

To explore the site 02 dives are recommended, each lasting 45 Minutes.

(2) The second spot called Qaitbay 2, 200 Meters north-west of Qaitbay Fort, in this area divers will see dozens of amphora’s everywhere around the wreck, daily use plates of the crow.

The area can all be explored in a single dive.

(3) Qaitbay 3 is the third spot, 650 Meters north-west of Qaitbay Fort, at a depth of 15 – 18 Meters. Here divers can explore wrecks from the third century BC. A diver needs only one dive to explore the area.

(4) The fourth spot is called East Harbor, Site I. It’s founded in the Eastern Harbor and is up to 8 Meters deep. The site includes relics of the royal zone from Ptolemaic and Roman times several Columns, Sphinxes and Royal Status. To see the area properly 2 dives are recommended.

(5) The fifth and last spot is East Harbor, Site II. Here the dramatic remains of a downed 2nd World War Italian Fighters Plane loom out of the gloom, surrounded by large nr of columns and status of ancient time. The site only needs a single dive.

Egypt Vacation Packages offer you this adventurous Joyride. You can dive into the history and endure a whole new world.