Unconventional places to explore on Egypt vacation 05/02/2018

Egypt has always been famous all around the world. people plan their Egypt Vacation to visit elite wonders like The Great Pyramids of Giza, the valley of Kings, the Sphinx, The Abu Simbel temple and much more.

Today I will introduce some of the unconventional tourist destinations that you must visit on your Egypt Vacation.

1.) The White Desert

Deserts are an indispensable part of Egypt. The white desert is one of the famous deserts in Egypt. It is situated at the heart of Farafra Oasis. It is a place known for its beautiful aura. This White desert was not always a desert but it was a river once which dried up. There is various chalk like architecturally magnificent landscapes in the desert which are treated with the eyes. These landscapes glitter like Gold at the time of sunset and sunrise. These white beautiful landscapes are given amazing names like tombs, ice cream cones, inselbergs, mushrooms etc.  If you want to explore the beauty of this desert on your Egypt Vacation then camping is the best option for you.

2.) South Sinai

South Sinai lies between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.  South Sinai is basically a peninsula which is triangular in shape. This place holds immense religious significance. It has a lot of religious structures and at the same time, you can also enjoy the coral reefs which makes it a perfect tourist destination. You can also visit Mount Sinai which is very famous for camel riding and hiking. 

3.) Naama Bay

Naama Bay is one of the famous tourist spot that you must visit on your Egypt Vacation. It is located in Sharm el-Sheikh. It is a natural bay and is extremely famous among tourists. You can explore restaurants,  bars, cafes, hotels, and bazaars here. You can enjoy the nightlife of Egypt along with your family and friends also it gives you an option to shop with an open heart for yourself and your loved ones.

4.) Mini Egypt Park

This is a place where you can experience complete Egypt in a few hours. This place was made to make tourists aware of Egypt's beautiful places. You must visit this place. Mini Egypt park appeals the most to the kids. So these Egypt Vacations do visit this place.