Top Egypt Vacation Tour Operator 21/12/2017

Welcome to Ayad World Tours

Ayad World tours is an emerging Egyptian Tour Operator. We have raised the standards of quality of services provided to the tourists coming to Egypt Vacation. What makes us the top Egypt Tour Operator is we value our customers the most, their comfort and pleasure is our top and foremost priority. We are working towards making Egypt the elite tourist destination and we believe that all the tourists coming to Egypt Vacation should come back again and again. Egypt is a place where a one time holiday will not be enough. You will never get enough of Egypt Vacation. There are a lot of misconceptions in the mind of the tourists about Egypt, they are concerned about security. We make sure you get the best experience and accompany you to all the destinations, it is our dedication to the customer's safety and comfort which makes us the top Egypt Tour Operator.

We have happy clients from all over the world. We get tourists from China, India, United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, Italy, France and the list goes on. We have made them all happy with our excellent customer services. Our services like transportations, accommodation, guide, and food are elite. 

So we give you a lot of options to choose us your Egypt Holidays planner. Our prices are the value for money. We are having a range of affordable tours, our motto is to make Egypt a heaven for Tourists!

We are on a mission and we hope you all will help us in achieving it :)