Things to know before planning your Trip to Egypt 06/03/2018

There are a few things that you must keep in mind before planning your trip to Egypt as it will come very useful for you.

1: Egypt is a Muslim Country

As you all might know that Egypt is a country that follows Islam. Every Islamic country has certain rules and culture that you must follow when you are on your trip to Egypt. Yes, Egypt is warm however wearing shorts or exposing a lot of skin should not be done as in Egypt where usually women are fully covered exposing too much skin will not be socially acceptable.

2: Egypt is more than the Pyramids

The Great Pyramids of Giza has been a source of attraction for the tourists all over the globe but Egypt has a lot of beautiful places to explore other than the Pyramids. You can visit the Karnak Temple, Egypt Museum, the temple of Hatshepsut, Nile Cruise and much more. So, planning your trip to Egypt should include a visit to all these elite places in Egypt.

3: A good friend

If you are planning your trip to Egypt alone make sure you have a good friend in Egypt. Having a friend in Egypt means you can visit all the places in the best manner and you need not be afraid of getting scammed and conned.   

4: You have to sacrifice the comfort

Egypt is based in Africa and it is not a very wealthy country. So, at some places, you might not get the required comfort and things can turn a bit rough but you have to be strong enough to sacrifice all the comfort in order to get that experience of your lifetime.

5: Be Respectful to the people

Egypt people are very kind-hearted and will make sure you do not come across any problems in your trip. There will be a few times when you might have a hard time understanding them so, no matter what the situation is always respectful to them.