Plan your Egypt Holidays for Dahab 24/01/2018

Why you should visit Dahab in these Holidays

Egypt is a hub of several beautiful tourism destinations. Tourist comes to Egypt to experience the ancient history however after the cultural tour they search for some leisure and peace. This makes them search for beaches. The answer to all their tiredness is Dahab. This is a beautiful place and you must visit it on your Egypt Holidays. This is based in the South Sinai. It is one of the famous cities in Sinai. Sinai has other beautiful places like Sharm EL Sheikh. Dahab means “gold” in Arabic and as the name suggests you will find the beautiful golden sand beach here. It is situated at southern Sinai in Aqaba bay, about 81 km North of Sharm El Sheikh and 600 km from Cairo. 

Dahab is the best place if you are planning your Egypt Holidays. The place is full of beaches and you can endure a lot of water sports here. Well, other than that the hotels and clubs here are highly affordable. People from all around the globe visit Dahab in their Egypt Holidays to get the value for money Holidays. Dahab stands as the epitome of Modern Egypt and it gives a European feel. 

Dahab is an amazing place for the sea diving and snorkeling. You will experience the amazing sea creatures, monuments and coral reefs inside the sea. So you can say that Dahab gives you a chance to dive into the history. So plan your Egypt Holidays at the earliest. Dahab will enable you to feel the beauty of Egypt. Egypt has always been a heaven for the tourists.

In the year 2017, there was a 20% increase in the number of tourists who visited Egypt in comparison to the year 2016. Egypt Government is also making several efforts to attract tourists. So looking at the present condition and improvements we can expect a boom in the Egypt Tourism in coming years.