Places to visit in Egypt Vacation 15/01/2018

Egypt vacations make you experience the world's historic oldest monuments. Ancient Egypt monuments were built ages ago and are a masterpiece of architectural beauty. If you are planning Egypt vacation here are the three places which will make your Egypt vacation momentous.

The Pyramids

There is a lot to love about Egypt but the Great Pyramids stand way apart for their architectural beauty and magnificence. The great Pyramids are one of the seven Ancient Wonders of the World and have inspired generations to visit Egypt. The pyramids were built in 2,500 B.C. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the construction of these Pyramids.  The stones used in the construction of Pyramids are way too heavy to be worked on by human beings without using any modern technology also there is no source of stones nearby where they might have got the stones from.

Temple of Horus at Edfu

Egypt Vacation is going to get even better when you visit this temple. The temple is standing tall with one hundred feet in height. The temple was started in the year of  257 B.C and was completed in 57 B.C. This monument is devoted to the god of Horus, this temple consists of rooms, pylons, paintings, statues and much more. This temple is must visit in your Egypt vacation and it is located in the city of Edfu.

Luxor Temple

The is a large beautiful temple located on the East Bank of river Nile. It is located in the city named Luxor. This temple of the architectural masterpiece where Egypt's monolith structure became famous.  Luxor Temple has always been an important pilgrimage center as it was from the city of Thebes which was also the capital city of Egypt. Luxor temple is a very powerful temple of Egypt. It was made for the god Amun. 

Your vacation in Egypt will even get better when you visit the beaches of Hurghada and dive into the Red Sea too.