My first trip to the Pyramids 14/02/2018

A Trip to Egypt was on my bucket list since the day I read about the ancient wonder, The Great Pyramids of Giza. I always wanted to visit them. I came across several videos where people go to another level of adventure and thrill by climbing at the top of the pyramids which is illegal and dangerous.

I started searching for the tour operators on Egypt so; I can get a better deal and elite services. I planned my trip with Ayad World Tours. The tour leader Mr. Mohamed was very helpful and jolly person. He made my trip wonderful and comfortable.

Now the day came when our tour leader took us to the Great Pyramids. Firstly you have to buy a ticket and there will be a huge rush at the ticket counter, do not buy from any phony ticket seller.

Now came the time when I went close to the pyramids. They were huge and beautiful. Pyramids did not disappoint me, I was surprised to see the architectural magnificence of the ancient Egyptians. The way Pyramids are built it makes you think of their inception.

There are three Pyramids  Menkaure, Khafre, and Khufu. Mr. Mohammed told me that it took 100,000 workers to make these Pyramids. He also told me the story that ancient Egyptians used to believe in an afterlife and according to them, Pyramids were the way to reach heaven. It has been 4,500 years and Pyramids are still standing tall. Pyramids have endured several robberies and attacks but nothing came strong enough to break Pyramids. 

So, all and all my trip to Egypt was wonderful and I have no words to describe my elite experience.