My first Trip to Egypt 23/01/2018

Visting Pyramids


I followed my childhood dream of visiting Egypt. This made me plan my first Trip To Egypt. My trip was amazing in a lot of ways, the first thing I did after landing in Egypt is I went to my Hotel which was in Cairo. I could not resist my temptation to visit Pyramids. I did some rest in my hotel followed my delicious koshary and ran for the cab. I always fascinated about visiting the Great Pyramids, going close to them and yes going at the top of the Pyramids. I also used to follow several videos in which people explore the top of the Pyramids.

Pyramids were so huge and beautiful. My eyes literally popped out as I went close to them. The Pyramids makes you feel like you are out of the world. That is a larger than life experience. As I went close to the Pyramids several camel drivers started following me and insisting me to buy a trip from them. I checked their prices and then I saw an old man who was looking in need of money. I choose him over all the young looking vendors. The moment I sat on the camel I felt awesome. Riding camel makes you go high and it induces a thrilling feeling in you. The camel was quite friendly and I felt very comfortable on that entire ride. Then came another beautiful part of my Trip To Egypt which was visiting pyramids from inside. I went inside and I was amazed to see the architectural masterpiece made by ancient Egyptians. The stones were so well sculptured and placed. This shows the elite level of planning done by the ancient Egyptian engineers. 

Then I went close to the pyramids again just to inspect the stones of the pyramids. I must tell you those stones were huge and it seems impossible to make such a grand structure out of them. The ancient Egyptians were masters of construction. So, visiting pyramids was the best part of my Trip To Egypt. Hope to get more of Egypt in future.