Do visit Valley of the Kings in Trip to Egypt 08/07/2017

In your ​Trip to Egypt you can visit 63 Tombs that has been discovered in the Valley of the Kings. The tombs in the Valley of the Kings belonging to the Pharaohs, leading dignitaries, and even animals. 

List the tombs in Valley of the Kings

The list of tombs in the Valley of the Kings to be visited in Trip to Egypt are detailed in the following table together with the name of the Egyptologists who were instrumental in the excavation of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings. 

Tombs to visit in the Valley of the Kings in your Trip to Egypt:

 The tomb of Ramses VII (Edwin Brock)

The tomb of Ramses IV (Edward Ayrton) 

The tomb of an unnamed son of Ramses III 

The tomb of Ramses XI (John Romer) 

 The tomb of some of the sons of Ramses II 

The tomb of Ramses IX 

The tomb of Ramses II aka Ramses the Great (Henry Salt) 

The tomb of Merenptah 

 The tomb of Ramses V and Ramses VI (Georges Daressy) 

 The tomb of Amenmesse (Edward Ayrton) 

The tomb of Ramses III 

 Name of occupant unknown 

The tomb of Bay and later Amenherkhepshef and Mentuherkhepshef 

 The tomb of Twosret, later reused by Setnakhte 

 The tomb of Seti II (Howard Carter) 

The tomb of Ramses I (Giovanni Belzoni) 

 The tomb of Seti I aka Belzoni's tomb (Giovanni Belzoni) 

The tomb of Ramses X (Howard Carter) 

The tomb of Mentuherkhepshef 

The tomb of Hatshepsut and Thutmose I (Howard Carter)

 Known as Lord Belmore's tomb. Name of occupant unknown 

 The tomb of Tia'a (Victor Loret)

The tomb of Thutmose III (Victor Loret) 

The Tomb of King Tutankhamun (Howard Carter) 

John Gardiner Wilkinson (1797–1875)  assigned the numeration system for the Egyptian tombs found in the Valley of the Kings. All tombs are assigned a number and the legends. So you must visit these tombs on your Trip to Egypt.

There are at least 415 cataloged tombs, designated TT for Theban Tomb which are burial places of nobles and important court officials