Dives the Red Sea in Egypt Tours 17/07/2017

You will get a chance to visit the Red Sea in your Egypt Tours, your every dive will be spectacular and unforgettable. The stunning coral, colorful reef fish, crystal visibility water and tropical sun all the year round make the Red Sea an ideal destination for any diver. The pristine coral reefs and exquisite marine life are attracting the attention of divers from all over the world. People plan their Egypt Tours to endure the beauty of Red Sea. The most important thing to divers are dive sites, we offer you a wide variety of dive site, ranging from shallow coral gardens to historical wrecks, to steep drop-offs.

Dive Areas to be visited in Egypt Tours:

Sharm el Shiekh:

Sharm El Shiekh is home to the world famous dive sites, including Ras Mohamed and strait of Tiran. Wrecks including the fascinating SS Thistlegorm with its cargo of Second World War materials including rifles, artillery shells, motorcycles, jeeps, and trucks are accessible from Sharm by day boat or live-abroad. Egypt Tours will take you close to this beautiful place.


This is the most famous site for beach lovers in Egypt Tours. Hurghada offers a diverse multitude of reefs, walls, wrecks and an abundant marine life. The Thistlegorm and other wrecks of Abu Nuhas are accessible from Hurghada.Favourite sites like Abu Galawa, Abu Nugar, Sha’ab El Erg (Dolphin House), Um Gamar and Carless Reef are reached within 25 to 60 minutes boat ride.

There are over 30 different dive sites and, apart from very few exceptions, they are just as good for snorkeling because the reefs come high towards the surface. Wreck dives to sites like the legendary Thistlegorm and to the ship ‘graveyard’ Abu Nuhas (with wrecks such as Giannis D., Carnatic, Kimon Ml, Chrisoula K.) are organized as day trips (early morning departure) and also as live-aboard multi-day safaris.


Dahab is another marvelous area to explore the underwater wonders of the Gulf of Aqaba. Lies alongside the deepest section of the African rift, the giant crack in the earth’s crust that formed the Red Sea.

Two dive-sites, the Canyon and the Blue Hole, are worldwide known amongst divers. Sports divers are allowed to explore the two sites to a maximum depth of 30m.Diving in Dahab is shore-diving. With a few exceptions, you simply drive along the shore by jeep or pick-up truck, gear up at the beach and start your dive.


Nuweiba is a desert paradise with wide sandy beaches and sapphire blue waters. Its location gives access to the whole length of this magnificent coastline.Diving is fairly new to the area with lots still to explore and discover. Unique to the area is a resident wild dolphin, a chance to swim with her is one not to be missed.


Taba is ideal for those looking for peace and tranquility. It is home to an abundance of rare frogfish which can be found within easy reach of the shore. The Taba coast offers some very rare marine life in an uncrowded environment. Typical of the area, for example, is a rare species of frogfish, and many species of seahorses, hardly found anywhere else in the Red Sea, making a diving holiday in Taba a unique experience.

So, Egypt Tours are not only about the Pyramids, Monuments, and temples but it is also about the beaches.